Vicki Presler (vpresler) wrote,
Vicki Presler

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Checking in

Another year, another bunch of days just passing by. Good things and eh things fill my days. My daughter graduated college and is seeking the meaning of being buried in debt with no job openings in sight. Well, in sight and hopeful for her anyway, just not what she wanted. My son has entered junior high and is finding his way in the world. Adaptation is the name of the game lately. Every day that goes by is just another day in a long line of days waiting to end and begin again.

Not much changes, so many things stay the same. Hope flickers in the window of my soul, yet the wind of time blows a steady current against the panes; so far unable to extinguish the flame, but not giving a moments peace either. Some day the flame will catch and blaze brightly, or finally succumb to the forces against it and spark no more. Only time will tell which path will be taken.
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