Vicki Presler (vpresler) wrote,
Vicki Presler

Sterling Renaissance Festival~ Celtic Celebration weekend..what a blast!

My family and friends went to the Ren Fest.. OMG how much fun was that?!!! Rhett wasn't sure about it, his imagination was not firing on all cylinders. But mine was! I had lots of fun, Guinness, Woodchuck Cider and another beer.. Magic Hats? or something like that.. yum! The food was great, the shows hilarious and very entertaining. The Highland games were super as was the Falconry show, except for the deluge of rain in the middle of the day,it was an exceptional day. I must say that I have never seen so many unbound bosoms in my life.. some should have been! Let me tell you!! This is a definite go to place for me next year, sans little children! I really didn't run into a rude person there, even the pirates were nice.. in character, but nice. LOVED IT!!!!

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