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Checking in

Another year, another bunch of days just passing by. Good things and eh things fill my days. My daughter graduated college and is seeking the meaning of being buried in debt with no job openings in sight. Well, in sight and hopeful for her anyway, just not what she wanted. My son has entered junior high and is finding his way in the world. Adaptation is the name of the game lately. Every day that goes by is just another day in a long line of days waiting to end and begin again.

Not much changes, so many things stay the same. Hope flickers in the window of my soul, yet the wind of time blows a steady current against the panes; so far unable to extinguish the flame, but not giving a moments peace either. Some day the flame will catch and blaze brightly, or finally succumb to the forces against it and spark no more. Only time will tell which path will be taken.

Where I've Been

It's been a while since I posted here, not because I have a life yet, but because I forget to share that with others. I have joined our local SCA and am now the elected A&S officer. I have met several very interesting people; people I would not have normally hung out with, and I find them all worthy and interesting. It's amazing what is hiding under the rough surface of each of us. I know know that if the Apocalypse happens I have well and truly protected! I love my new friends, and the escapism of the SCA touches a part of my soul I did not know existed. I've said many times before that I was born in the wrong time period, and I believe that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy our modern conveniences as well, but there is something to be said for a simpler way of life. The knowledge we take for granted today is nothing compared to what our ancestors have gleaned from their lives and experiences. I am grateful to all my friends and my new family in the SCA.

On another front, my children never cease to amaze me either. Britt is a junior this year in college and has her entire future waiting for her to choose it; and she has her head screwed on right. She is amazing to me! Rhett, he is a joy in other ways... a challenge, but a joy just the same. I love them both more than I can say. I am blessed. Maybe I don't say that enough to them, but I hope they know it's true. I don't share emotions well with others. I am finding it interesting that I am discovering common ground with my brother, scary.. but interesting. I know he frustrates me sometimes, but he is still my brother in the end. The same is true of my mom. She frustrates me but at the end of the day, she is there for me and I truly appreciate that, more than I can express. I know she doesn't understand my need to make connections with my friends in a futile attempt to find happiness and companionship. I need more than what I have now, and I believe I am worth it. In my own warped and twisty way I love them all. They are my family and they do mean the world to me. I still search for fulfillment, and hold out hope that one day I will find that connection to another being that sparks my interest and brings me back to life.

My search continues, I will carry on until I can carry on no longer. I don't really believe I am meant to go this life without finding someone to stand by my side; but I have my moments of doubt. Where are you?!

My Streak Is Still Alive...

Once again I took a trip to Washington, DC to see my daughter (that part was a blast!) and someone died. Can't seem to be in that city for more than a day without someone (usually a co-worker, but I've worked up to family members now) dying. This past week was no exception, my great uncle passed, and he was my favorite great uncle too!

Note to self, must break this habit quickly before the wrong person associated with me gets struck down in their prime!

Otherwise, it was a very nice trip: Rhett and I got to the city last Monday, and he thought he was in a foreign country.. he also thought that Maryland was an island and we somehow managed to cross the ocean without him knowing it! After we checked into the hotel, he of course had to use the restroom, and the first thing he says is, "My first pee in a foreign country!" then I spent the rest of the week explaining that although it is different and full of many people who speak different languages, it was indeed part of and in fact, in charge of the rest of the country (our country!).. I don't know that it sunk in because the Wii Vote channel has a question about if you have visited your nation's capital and he wanted to say no.. I explained that that was exactly where we had just come back from, and he MAY finally get it... kids are great! All week long Rhett had many "firsts" in a foreign country..and seemed to really enjoy the city, except for the traffic and the walking that is! I must be getting used to it because even though we were in downtown DC, the only trouble I had was circling Dupont Circle and picking the right exit. Oh, and the bus that wanted to be in the same spot as me on that circle.. bad bus.. but he was bigger, so I conceded the spot to him! My paint job is still intact.

One more trip this Spring to pick up Britt.. around May 5-7 .. and I will be done with DC until August. It's beginning to grow on me, but I still don't go anywhere without TomTom, he is my friend!

Now if I could only get over this bronchitis or whatever.. 3 weeks is more than enough, time for more drugs and another doctor visit tomorrow. Breathing is so overrated.

Writer's Block: Lunch Break

Do you bring or buy your lunch during the work week? How much money do you spend on food consumed during working hours?

Uhm, depends on the day. I try to bring lunch, but if I don't I usually buy, but not just for myself but also for my cell mate (oh! I mean office mate..) and for my friend Trish when she is in Lunch Purgatory as well. We sometimes take turns doing this, mostly though it is a bought lunch costing in the neighborhood of $10-15 a day for 2 lunches. They hate it when I bring lunch!

Love these guys!

My family and friends went to the Ren Fest.. OMG how much fun was that?!!! Rhett wasn't sure about it, his imagination was not firing on all cylinders. But mine was! I had lots of fun, Guinness, Woodchuck Cider and another beer.. Magic Hats? or something like that.. yum! The food was great, the shows hilarious and very entertaining. The Highland games were super as was the Falconry show, except for the deluge of rain in the middle of the day,it was an exceptional day. I must say that I have never seen so many unbound bosoms in my life.. some should have been! Let me tell you!! This is a definite go to place for me next year, sans little children! I really didn't run into a rude person there, even the pirates were nice.. in character, but nice. LOVED IT!!!!

College time soon!

Not long and Brit will be off to college.. yeah!! Sure, I'll miss her, but it's so amazing to watch her blossom and become the secure young woman I knew she could be. She is taking flight and not looking back.. wonderful! My work is done, now I just have to sit back and watch offering support and guidance as needed. Go Brit, be the Eagle you are meant to be, kick butt and take names.

Now to get Rhett used to being an only child.. yikes... what a thought. Once he gets used to the quiet, maybe he will settle down too. Whew what a ride!

Happy summer.. it's almost over.